About Us

Specialised Solar Cleaning B.V. is Europe’s leading Solar Module Cleaning, Green surrounding maintenance and Thermographic drone inspection company. We have developed the most effective and efficient process for cleaning and decontaminating large, industrial scale solar installations (Ground, Roof and Floating) installations.

Our experience within the industry means that we have the knowledge, experience and commitment to give our clients peace of mind that their sites are professionally cleaned in accordance with a strict code of practice.

By combining different services like cleaning solar panels, green surrounding maintenance and Thermographic drone inspection, the total time spent in the solar farm will be limited. Our extensive fleet of equipment allows us to access varying row widths, panel sizes and panel orientations/formations. We implement efficient and cost-effective processes that help our clients to meet their obligations, maintain optimum output and protect the owner’s investment.

Specialised Solar Cleaning

Cleaning with SolarCleano F1

Our trained specialist operator cleans solar panels using a specially developed robots called SolarCleano F1, that is most suitable for large solar parks with narrow passage ways (East/West table installation), Roof installed installations and floating solar parks. Stubborn dirt is removed gently, with the special designed and certified brushes. With an output of approx. 1200m2 per hour (Depending on the type and size of the module tables

Having these advantages, whether you have solar panels on the ground, roof or floating, our robot can reach everything and cleans the panels thoroughly. This high-tech cleaning system is suitable for different types of farms and roofs and specially designed for organic shapes and structures. In addition, the robot ensures that all panels are cleaned equally well, because the same pressure is always exerted on the surface to be cleaned.

Cleaning with extended arm

Our integrated SunBrush mobile wet cleaning system enables optimum results in the maintenance if south installed solar power systems. Even stubborn dirt is removed gently. With an output of approx. 7000 m2 per hour (Depending on the type and size of the module tables) it is our most highly effective way of maintaining large solar parks.

Washtronic ensures automatic level compensation on uneven terrain. The contact pressure between the brush and module surface is only set once and then remains constant during the entire cleaning process. The Washtronic system automatically adjust fir uneven ground. As a result, with correct application by our staff, this prevents any damages to the module

Specialised Solar Green

Landscape management

By using our specialized remote controlled automatic mowing machines and other specially adapted machinery for landscape maintenance of Solar parks we are able to supply a specific yearly maintenance plan for each individual location. By identifying the wishes and outlines of all stakeholders involved, we can form a landscape management plan that is satisfactory to all involved.

We have experience with working with nature conservancy organizations and bird breeding seasons. Even though a combination of both landscape and cleaning services is our most offered and requested service, we are happy to be your partner for any of our available services.

Specialised Solar Thermal

Thermal inspection

Specialised Solar Cleaning B.V. has a PV diagnostic and monitoring system. It consists of a Drone with a Flir Duo Pro R records 4K RGB and 9Hz 640×512 Radiometric Thermal sensor camera in which can be used to check the functionality and efficiency of PV modules. Our system is able to detect and report errors fast and precise thanks to the software and using the cloud and intelligent image processing algorithms, our computers search for hotspots, string errors and other module defects and collate the results gathered into comparable performance and damage profiles.

The collected data are stored either in the SBM cloud or locally and can be accessed live in real time on a mobile tablet PC using the service app. The thermal imaging camera is equipped with a GPS transmitter to allow the exact position of the error to be located. Different recording intervals permit us to adapt speed of cleaning to the individual monitoring needs of the modules, enabling plant operators to identify defective cells, cell connectors and string diodes on site.

Specialised Solar Cleaning B.V. has a reporting software with tailer-made reports. The report can be shaped according to the wishes of the customer. Many controlled values can be stored here, which are then structures presented to the customer

Our Values

Zero Harm Policy

We adhere to the highest standards of health and safety, operating a zero-harm policy supported by a full suite of risk assessments, policies and ways of working.


Contributing to a greener planet is the reason we are in this line of work in the first place. Because of working with osmosis water and the best quality brushes, we do not use cleaning agents. Our entire fleet is young and selected for the lowest possible emissions.

Bio diversity

Landscaping activities are not performed in breeding seasons. No chemicals are used.

High tech

We implement the latest techniques in our robots, PV diagnostic systems, reporting software and in ways to make the work light for our teams. SSC is constantly evolving.


It is all about quality. The quality of; – our work, – our relationship with the client, life of our employees, – of life in general on earth. Our strict quality control processes and accountability culture gives our clients peace of


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